My Life Has Come to This

It’s come to this.  I am officially an online dater.  Not necessarily by choice, not out of desperation, but just out of pure curiosity to see if there are any normal men left in the world.  By normal, I mean those who are not conceited, crazy, egotistical, dirty and messy, can form a complete 8th-grade sentence in English by way of speaking and writing, have goals and aspirations, have a legal profession, are not controlling and think that it is still 1956, not lazy and think that the woman does everything while still maintaining her body after having six kids, not a junkie, not an alchie, not a cheater or a liar, not afraid of commitment, do not see women as idolized objects, not corny, do not believe in those terrible pickup lines, do not rely on fastfood dinners every night, do not live in their mother’s house without any plan to move out, do not have children who they do not claim, do not believe that they are God, don’t try to be someone that they are not and not realize that that isn’t who they are while trying to be way over the top and try to convince people of their character which isn’t who they are anyway, someone who takes a shower and brushes his teeth, and the ones who do not wear pajamas in public.  If this magical man exists, I would love to know.  Honestly, I’m beginning to think that I’m asking for too much.

Over the past year, I have experienced the horrors of dating in New York City.  In a city so large, no one would think that a woman would ever have an issue finding a man.  Unfortunately, the stories of Sex in the City may be true.  From being harassed by a man whose only job was to keep his mother’s house clean to being called a freeloader for asking my date if he was paying for my meal, I am going forward and sharing my New York male experiences.  Both in-person and online.  Terrible pickup lines will be included weekly.

As women, we must realize that this is not the end.  Somewhere, far, far away we will meet our Prince Charming.  We may have to settle for him coming to rescue us via the subway rather than his white stallion, but he will be there nonetheless.  Do not settle for the men who do not know your worth, and don’t settle for the men who realize that they’re still only boys.  The purpose of this blog is for us all to relate and not feel alone in the NYC world of romance.

Seriously, there has to be something better out there…right?

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