The One Who Thought He Was God’s Gift to Women

There’s always some guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. He may believe that he’s so good-looking that every woman would naturally want to be with him; maybe he offers some shallow quality that he thinks no other man will ever have. Sad to say, I have had the misfortune of knowing and dating a few of these guys, and it never turns out well. In the beginning, I always dislike his personality, but some charm overtakes me where I actually become attracted. Then, I’ll see the truth after a ridiculous amount of time and become completely repulsed. However Mr. God’s Gift to Women never notices. Why would he? He’s God’s Gift to Women, duh.

68a82baa-0be5-432f-9301-2581f115aef3_zpsb4cd0594God’s Gift to Women can happen in a multitude of ways. First, there’s the attractive man who knows that he’s attractive, speaks with a fake voice or drawl to show how good-looking he is, and he always wants for you to go out of your way for him. It’s inevitable. God’s Gift will always think that he’s your best choice and that you will stop at nothing to be with him. He wants for you to put everything on hold for him. Life does not exist until he exists. Any other man is not an option, and his lack of respect will show exactly how he thinks. You will probably have to tell him a number of times how much you don’t want him for him to “kind of” get it, and even then, he’ll just think you’re in denial.

There’s also the one who thinks you need gucci-gifthim to experience a better life. He’s your only road to success and an extravagant life that you’ve never before experienced. He is your golden ticket. He believes in lavish spending and only having the finer things. Not to mention, he’ll also question every choice you make from your clothing to your makeup and even how you wear your hair. Yes, we all want a guy who pays us some sort of attention, but this man pays too close of attention on too fine of detail. I even had this guy once tell me proudly, “You have to leave your neighborhood to come hang out with me to be with the rich people.” SERIOUSLY? Who says this bullshit? Oh, only the God’s Gift to Women, of course.

wrapping1Finally, there’s Mr. Denial. He may not be so attractive, he doesn’t have a lot of money, he doesn’t even have a lot of sense, but for some reason, he still believes that he knocks any other man out of the water. He downplays other men and thinks that one day he will conquer all. I’m not sure when this “one day” will come, and I don’t think that he does either, but in his mind, pigs will fly over the rainbow or something. He believes that he’ll get everything he wants, and if you don’t want him, he sincerely believes that something is wrong with you or someone has influenced your mind to think otherwise.

Overall, God’s Gift to Women is dangerous for any woman. At the end of the day, it will never be about her. He will be so focused on himself that she will become his possession. This is a man who is either so insecure or so removed from reality that he needs to work on himself before ever inviting any woman seriously into his life. Naturally, he will be so full of himself that he will not notice this issue, but hey! He’s God’s Gift to Women. Let him think whatever he wants.

Besides, the sex is always bad. Always. But they tend to believe otherwise.


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  1. Lol well Brooke let’s not forget to talk about God’s gift to Gay men. Believe it or not i think this is ten times worse because they will put you into categories based on your sexual position how masculine you are and how white you are. They have these standards cause they feel they are more than worth it cause they “look this good”


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