Men Bank on Women’s Vulnerability

As women, nearly everyday we have to endure the harassment of men coyly being perverts as if it’s second-nature. Whether we’re friends with them, co-workers, or even just men we pass by on occasion, some do not realize how their conversation and actions can make us uncomfortable.

To a certain point, I can deal with only but so much. Sure, as I walk down the street to the gym and some ridiculous man I don’t know gets his kicks by wanting to say hi or have passerby conversation, I’ll give him that for a mere three seconds. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tiring as hell. And annoying. But whatever. Although, when every interaction with the same men continues to be uncomfortable to the point where I have to find alternate paths home or ways to avoid talking to them, they have to be addressed for their sleazy behavior. It becomes a form of harassment, and I’m at my breaking point. 


One thought

  1. You don’t have to make it a big issue with someone at work. There’s a,way to joke and make it known that you’re not interested. Try to get things documented if you can in the event at leaving is your only option. That way, you can sue for sexual harassment.


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