Taking one for the team: How Omarosa made the ultimate sacrifice by joining the Trump staff

When a black celebrity seems to disband the overall good of the people to tap dance for the entertainment of the white population, the black community jokes-but-kind-of-not-really about them no longer being invited to cookouts, family reunions, dinner, or anywhere else where we break and butter our cornbread. After working for the Trump administration and campaign for nearly three years, Omarosa Manigault found herself on this list. However, maybe as a black community, we’re underestimating her power and that we have the tendency to judge our own a little too quickly. She is a very intelligent and well-versed woman. Maybe, just maybe, she planned everything through and provided herself as the sacrificial lamb for the Trump presidency.

In recent news, Omarosa has announced that she’s coming out with a book about her time working in the Trump White House. The public basically knew that she was going to capitalize off of her experience with the administration as soon as she was fired in August 2017 (though, she was officially let go in January 2018). And up until this time, as the black community, no one seemed to support her. People felt that she abandoned us to, essentially, sell her soul to the devil. It was as if she only care about her own well-being, her own monetary gain while risking the financial, social, health, political, emotional — even historical considering how much the administration and supporters deny the past — security of other black Americans. People vowed they would not buy her book, that they were disowning her for her own disloyalty to the black community.

However, with the release of her book this week, Omarosa also leaked other vital information from when she was apparently made to sign a nondisclosure agreement while working with the Trump administration. She revealed Donald Trump’s alleged usage of the “N-word” while she was a participant on The Apprentice and that she had secret tapes where she recorded her conversations while Trump was president. (By the way, the White House press staff says that they cannot guarantee that Trump did not use the “N-word.”) Legally, very messy. But what if she did all of this the entire time for the advantage of the black people? What if she set mousetraps along the way just to catch one huge rat?

Donald Trump has attempted to run for president a number of times throughout his career, but had no success until the 2016 election. Initially, I’m sure, Omarosa was just competing on Trump’s reality show to excel professionally, even when she appeared in later seasons of The Apprentice. She was a boss and knew what she wanted, despite people complaining about her attitude. However, when Trump’s team recruited her to be the liaison to the African-American community, Omarosa already had a track record as a Democrat by participating in functions and events. She was also proud of her blackness; she attended two historically black universities during her academic career. Maybe it was at that moment that she began to devise her plan.

When she did appear on The Apprentice, I didn’t mind Omarosa. I thought that she was just a black woman fighting for what she wanted in life. Many times, as black women, we get that negative “bitchy” image when we’re strong and won’t allow for anyone to take advantage of us. I even met her and thought that she was a lovely person. We connected about being Ohio-girls and our careers. She gave me more respect than “wannabe” celebrities who don’t even have Wikipedia pages.

Now, I’m not saying that any of this is true. But there is a possibility. Omarosa has shown how intelligent and complex of an individual she is. Maybe, just maybe she created a blueprint from the start where she was willing to throw herself under the bus for the sake of possibly ruining the 45th president’s reign as the Leader of the Free World. Maybe she knew that with her role of secretly recording him, finally people would believe that he was a racist; whereas, before they kept coming up with fake philosophical excuses as to why he couldn’t be a bigot. The proof would now be black-and-white (pun intended) and directly in their faces. And maybe, just maybe, Omarosa saved the day by keeping a stash of all of the quotes and anecdotes that Trump has made over the years to eventually crush him. What if she was just that calculated.

Again, I’m not saying it’s true, but it’s definitely something worth thinking about. Many within the black community say how they will not by Unhinged, the memoirs of Omarosa’s time while serving in Trump’s White House. And you know, at first I was on the same page, even when I saw how massive she attacked him through the media. At that point, I still was somewhat apathetic towards the situation. But then, when I saw how the 45 called her a “dog” publicly on Twitter, it was as if he called every black woman a dog.

What if, as the black community, we do judge our own a little too quickly? Especially such an intellectual woman, who has been consistently on the same page politically and professionally for years. There could be that chance that we may not see the big picture, that one person has to make the ultimate sacrifice in order help the greater good. Sometimes, we do need that black person to tap dance their way for a seat at the table if they’re going to snatch breadcrumbs and sides of bacon to feed everyone else. Yes, we’re in the day-and-age where this concept does not apply as much because we have made major strides as black people and we shouldn’t feel the need to appease the white majority. But plenty of blacks had to play Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima throughout history; many of those people helped us progress to where we are today. And yes, that Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima mentality may not be suitable for today’s age considering how much society has progressed. But when you have someone in office who sides with klansmen and gives life to white supremacy movements like it’s the 1920s all over again, sometimes you may have to get on their level to turn their game around.

I’m just saying. Maybe, just maybe.

Except Kanye. Because he’s just lost.

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